We find compatibility with leading services very important, because we believe in sharing data and functionality. Managing a team and players consists of many aspects; often several different technologies assist trainers and analysts in their daily activities. Some examples of used services:


  • Player management services (like DotcomSport)
  • Video analysis systems (like SportsCode)
  • Performance monitoring systems (like JOHAN)


The combination of these different tools can be very annoying, because for each goal a different tool is used. We stimulate ourselves (and partners) to be compatible with other services to exchange data and information.

At the moment we support compatibility via data exports and automated interfaces (API).


In our environment we support XML export for SportsCode and other video analysis services.
Next to that, it is possible to export raw data to CSV for scientists or analysts to perform in depth analysis (in their preferred analysis environment).


We have an application programming interface (API) to be automatically compatible with other online services. We prefer this interface, because there are no steps for the user involved. At the moment our API is used for the following purposes:


  • Player management systems: to include performance stats in reporting
  • Team of league website: to show stats to community


Please contact us to discuss the possibilities for your case!


It is also possible to provide a direct database connection to perform your own analysis in your preferred Business Intelligence (BI) tool. These online tools provide the flexibility to perform your own analysis and reports on the most up-to-date data in our database.
At the moment we support the following to platforms:


Our partners

We are very thankful to our supporting partners. JOHAN ist part of the European Space Agency (ESA)Business Incubation Program in Noordwijk and JOHAN is supported by the European GNSS Agency (CGA).