• Periodization is a commonly used term in sports. But what does periodization mean? And which principles can you, as a trainer or coach, integrate in your training schedule? In the coming weeks we will

  • As a coach you want your team to get fully rested during the winterbreak without losing all fitness after the holidays, so your team doesn’t have to catch up lost fitness when recommencing compe

  • As a coach, you want to train your team as hard as possible and minimize the injury risks. Balancing between those two extremes is a tough job. You don’t want to train too hard causing exertion, or wo

  • Photo: Left Paul Eichelsheim (sports masseur) and right Martin de Waal (performance coach) Last week Keuken Kampioen Division club FC Den Bosch started with the JOHAN system. The football club from ’s

  • Yesterday JOHAN Sports presented at the meetup about “Big data meets sports” in Den Bosch. Several interesting speakers were there to inform the audience about the latest developments within the sport

  • The main task of a sports scientist is to make a training planning that ensures players to remain fit and strong the entire season without any injuries. As a result, coaching staff has access to the b

  • The new football season will be up an running within a couple of weeks. Most players barely had the chance to rest and enjoy their vacation, but the first match is already in sight. The Eredivisie sta

  • The United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) recently announced a partnership with JOHAN Sports. As part of the JOHAN Sports partnership, every UPSL team will have a special UPSL discount, to enable the te

  • Niels van der Linden is Head of Sports Science at JOHAN. Being responsible for the sports scientific development of JOHAN software modules intented for coaches, he is the one who can guide you to a te

  • Stijn Lintermans, physical coach and part of the performance team at KV Mechelen just started using JOHAN and shares his reasons to start with GPS. Performance Team of KV Mechelen Assistant Coach: Sve

  • Joao Tomás: professional player and sports scientist For almost twenty years, João Tomás was a professional soccer player who played as a striker. He mainly played in Portugal (four seasons at Rio Ave

  • At the Feyenoord Academy with Rick Cost With a masters in human movement sciences and 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist working with top professional athletes, Rick Cost knows what he is tal

  • JOHAN Sports have reached a partnership with the Champions Soccer League USA (CSLUSA). This deal with CSLUSA is a strategic partnership that features the league utilising the player performance equipm

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