We suggest our clients to measure all activities of the players, thus each training and match. This is important to get a complete picture of the development of a player over time; these results can be viewed in our Progress module.


The performance results, containing of motion, heart rate and subjective form responses, can be viewed over a selected date range. Trends and patterns in the data can be found.

The results of the Progress module can be used for various use cases:

PROGRESS MODULE – Talent development

For a youth player the development is more important than the current performance, because you want to predict what the performance will be in the future. When the development is quantified for several years this gives valuable information about the progress of the player over time, which can be extrapolated to the future. In combination with our Benchmarks module, it is possible to analyse whether is player is ready for the step towards the first team or not (and what the resulting gap still is).


PROGRESS MODULE -Player physical passport

The data over time is useful for justification of the players activities during his complete career. This transparency about the objective data over time creates trust and is therefore mainly of interest to manager (for both team and player). When this data is used as a physical passport of the player, it has a positive impact on the value of the player.

PROGRESS MODULE – Rehabilitation

After an injury it is vital to know when a player has returned to his former level, to quantify his return-to-play. When this former level has been measured it is easier to predict when this point is reach, but also how long it will take to reach this level. Also, the progress during the rehabilitation is important to make sure that the player takes sustainable step to return to his former level to avoid overload and thereby injuries.

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