The best way to prepare for your Pre-season

The best way to prepare for your Pre-season

The new football season will be up an running within a couple of weeks. Most players barely had the chance to rest and enjoy their vacation, but the first match is already in sight. The Eredivisie starts upcoming Friday 10th of August between PEC Zwolle and SC Heerenveen. A week later the Keuken Kampioen Divisie season 2018-2018 starts and the amateurs of the Second and Third division starting the 25th of August. A good preparation is a crucial part for every team. A bad start of the competition can cost a lot of valuable points. How can you ensure that your team is fit and ready for the upcoming season?



Image: Feyenoord Academy Rotterdam The Netherlands preparing for the new season

JOHAN Sports – “A good pre-season is half the work”


  • 1. Make a plan

    First of all it’s important to have a master plan. This is the foundation of every start of the competition. Make a plan to get your team in the best shape within four weeks. The plan contains a detailed physical training schedule for the next months. Eventually this plan must lead to a fit team which is ready for the first match of the season

  • 2. Stay fit during summer vacation

  • Make sure your players stay fit during their summer vacation. Give players a running scheme during their summer break. The running scheme is meant for maintaining the basic fitness and keep the physical status of your team at a certain level. Don’t make the running scheme to heavy, because that could lead to a negative team moral. The goal of the running scheme is to close the gap as much as possible with the start of the competition. A common mistake of pre-season preparation is to try to make the team “fit” within just two or three weeks with too heavy training exercises and a massive schedule. This tight schedule combined with heavy training exercises could lead to injuries.
  • 3. Monitor fitness with a GPS system

    Create objective insights with GPS data. With an advanced GPS tool you can monitor the fitness of the team and carefully follow their progression during the pre-season. A GPS system for sport teams gives direct insights in sprint meters, acceleration, deceleration, total distances, hear rates, etc. These parameters define the fitness of the team. Therefore you can exactly monitor the activities of players to make sure they are completely fit before the start of the season.

  • 4. Make individual training schedules

    Every player is unique and needs their own training schedules to become fit. It’s important to make a zero measurement of the team in order to create a fitness profile of every player. Which players have the most sprint meters en which players need to focus on endurance? The next step is to make an individual training schedule for every player based on his own fitness profile. Thanks to the periodization theory of Tim Gabbett you can make sure your players stay within the a/c ratio of 80% and 130%(so make sure the players don’t overload in the first few weeks of training). Train with separate groups based on their fitness profiles. Players who are fitter than other players need different training exercises to excite them.

  • 5. Know how your players feel

  • Players can be exhausted, sleepless or may have (minor) injuries after a match or training. This could lead to inefficient training exercises or maybe worse: severe injuries. Therefore, it’s vitally important to know how your players feel after a training or match, so that you can anticipate and adjust or optimize the training schedule. Asking feedback with wellness forms is a very valuable and helps significantly to increase the amount of injuries and become fitter during the season. Players can fill in the wellness forms within their personal mobile app after every training or match. In that case you can measure the intensity and monitor the internal load of the players. Trainers and managers can find connections between the external load (performance on the field) and internal load (wellness forms).

JOHAN Sports – Direct training advice

The JOHAN GPS system delivers direct training advice based on GPS data and sport science. The JOHAN GPS trackers can measure the fitness of the team and individual players. With the JOHAN performance system you’re optimal prepared for the new season. The JOHAN motion sensors are easy to use and give your team the boost they need. Every player have their own GPS sensor to monitor their performance on the field. The fitness of the players can be made insightful and the progression of the team can be monitored automatically. Also players can fill in wellness forms within their personal mobile application, so trainers/coaches can get direct feedback about the physical condition of each and every player. Thanks to this innovation, trainers/coaches can get a grip on the performance of their players. You can easily adjust and anticipate on your training schedule and give the players the attention they need. A fitter team starts with JOHAN.
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Jelle Reichert