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Why you?

You are the person everyone needs and love because you can fix really anything. If tasks were objects you would be a professional juggler at the circus. You arrange things your colleagues didn’t even know they needed and you know how to answer their every question, making them wonder how they could have ever survived without you.

How to explain your job to others?

As part of the JOHAN Sports management team you are basically the main reason this organization is up and running and the Head of Operations is not institutionalized.

What will you do?

You will be the hands-on, no-nonsense, hard worker for all internal operations in the fields of HR, Finance, Legal and Facility and the unwavering support for the Head of Operations. In short: you make your JOHAN-colleagues happy. To have lots of happy people, we are also going to need more people. The focus in the beginning will therefore be on HR / Recruitment.

An average day in the office..

Fair enough, there are no average days in this role, which is of course why you like it so much. But still, let’s try.

          Even coming in to the office you already brighten up the day of your colleagues with your energetic appearance. Finally awake after three cups of coffee you check your planning for the day and briefly discuss the ongoing topics with the Head of Operations. With your excellent planning skills, you have already foreseen the changes in the course of the day and indeed… within the hour the first colleague is at your desk: good news, another club has seen the light and wants to work with JOHAN! You draft the contract and make a note to keep track of the signature process until you come up with a better way to do this.

          You also draft the invoice following the contract and while you’re at it you send the next batch of invoices and update the cashflow statement. After preparing the payments overview for the Head of Operations and an always hilarious phone call with the Accountant on the VAT return, it’s time for lunch with your colleagues. Intense discussions and corny jokes make you laugh so badly you almost spill your lunch. Watch your clothes, because you now need to welcome the next appointment of our CEO, being the JOHAN business card that came to live.

          While enjoying a little break, your colleague comes running for your help because he cannot access the team drive on his MacBook any longer. With your superhero computer skills, you resolve this in two seconds, so the completely relieved colleague goes happily back to work. Since JOHAN Sports is going to realize its ambition and now wants more people like you, you are sorting all the job applications to find the right candidates. You consult these with the Head of Operations and call the candidates to plan interviews.

          The last hour of your day you’ll spend to look for a new office space to accommodate all these new hires, knowing exactly what specifications you want, to give them all the best possible JOHAN-experience. You found a great one and immediately schedule to discuss this with the Head of Operations the next morning.

Who will you work with?

You will work with and report to Emma, Head of Operations. As part of the JOHAN Sports management
team you will work closely with Robin, CEO as well. Niels, Head of Sports Science and Luc, Sports
Marketer will be sharing the information for new clients with you and Hidde, Head of Technology comes
to you for stock orders. Of course, the team will expand, with your help.

Who are you?

  • HBO-level of thinking. A field-related diploma or not, that is not as important as being able.
  • Experience with administrative processes and it would be nice to have some experience with handling (international) VAT.
  • Experience with ad hoc and all-round work, preferably in a technical organization.
  • Superb communication skills in both Dutch and English, verbal and in writing.
  • Excellent computer skills preferably experience with GSuite (Google Business), MacOS, Office, Slack, Keynote and Evernote, or the ability to learn quickly.
  • Great planning and organizational skills, a systematic approach, flexibility, creativity, a great endurance, enthusiasm and a good sense of humor!

Hours per week: 32-40
Location: Noordwijk (moving to Amsterdam area end 2018)
Team: Management
Department: HR, Finance, Legal, Facility

Too late!

What do we offer

  • Payment.
  • Travel allowance.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • 26 vacation days per year, although return is mandatory.
  • Training budget and growth possibilities.
  • The opportunity to create more employee benefits.
  • An informal, relaxed and sportive work environment.
  • To be part of an international breakthrough.
  • The team and time of your life!



Who we are

JOHAN Sports was founded in 2014 by Jelle & Robin combining their passion of sports and technology. JOHAN Sports helps to make the right decisions with smart data for the right insights, effective analysis and valuable advice. 

What we want

We are on a mission to make every sports team succeed, by making the product and advice accessible for everyone. To let the world share the potential of teams with the use of JOHAN.

What we love

We love sports. We love technology. We love ambition and the endless possibilities we can come up with to improve. We love teams, and (sorry there to our clients!) especially our own. We love to laugh, make stupid jokes and the next moment work as hard as ever. It started as a company between friends, and we love to grow it that same way. After all, your colleagues become your second family!


JOHAN-people qualities

  • Dutch directness
  • Innovative
  • Energetic
  • Common sense
  • Do as you say, say as you do
  • There is no I in team
  • Down to earth
  • Think big and start small
  • Helpful and friendly
  • Responsible
  • Can take on the world


Where can I sign

You’re excited? Good! So, how does it work? Very simple: send your resume and motivational letter (Dutch or English) by mail, using the “Apply now” button below. We will get in touch with you and if we think this is indeed a match made in heaven, we will schedule an interview. The ball is in your court!

Too late! 


Our partners

We are very thankful to our supporting partners. JOHAN ist part of the European Space Agency (ESA)Business Incubation Program in Noordwijk and JOHAN is supported by the European GNSS Agency (GSA).
ESA European Space Agency - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
GSA - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams
TU Delft - partner of JOHAN Sports performance analytics for sport teams