Battle of the JOHAN’s

Battle of the JOHAN’s

Last Saturday NAC and PEC Zwolle competed against each other in the beautiful city of Breda. Fun fact: both teams were using JOHAN. Founder of JOHAN, Jelle Reichert, was at the game and tells us a bit more about JOHAN.

PEC has been one of our clients since August 2016 and NAC followed in their footsteps at the start of this season. Teams use our system for various reasons, for example to analyze the results of a game or training, or to monitor the development of players over a certain amount of time.

Also, with our system we can determine which players are more prone to develop injuries than other players. This makes it easy to keep track of whether a player is working too hard, or has been training too much in a short period of time. If that is the case, a trainer can act before it is too late by providing a player a bit more rest during the next training session to avoid their muscles from becoming overloaded. Unfortunately, with JOHAN we can’t avoid an injury like we saw with NAC captain Pablo Mari early on in the game; after going for a header he landed in the wrong way, causing an ankle injury. What can be avoided by using JOHAN are fatigue and soft tissue injuries, which account for more than half of all injuries.

Achieving better results can be a great outcome of using JOHAN. The system is user friendly and the data can be easily interpreted. It helps our clients to understand how they can use the data to achieve smarter results with their team.”

Our partners

We are very thankful to our supporting partners. JOHAN ist part of the European Space Agency (ESA)Business Incubation Program in Noordwijk and JOHAN is supported by the European GNSS Agency (CGA).