6 Reasons to start with GPS

Insights of Stijn Lintermans of the Performance Team of KV Mechelen

6 Reasons to start with GPS

Stijn Lintermans, physical coach and part of the performance team at KV Mechelen just started using JOHAN and shares his reasons to start with GPS.

Performance Team of KV Mechelen

  • Assistant Coach: Sven Swinnen
  • Head Fysio: Bart De Bruyn
  • Fysio: Dieter Devaere
  • Doctor: Robin Vanhoudt
  • Physical coach: Stijn Lintermans

1: The possibility to train more individual based

“The conditional part of modern football is making big steps. The Jupiler Pro league gives good insights on the ‘game efforts’ due to high speed camera results. It gives us the possibility to train more individual based. In order to accomplish this, we need to have statistics of what we do on training. Every parameter gives more knowledge of every player. Only heart rate values are simply not enough anymore to make players better athletes. Together with my colleagues we try to guarantee a well balanced physical load”

2: Better informing of coaches

“Performance data-analysis is a way of informing coaches better. We can compare two players, see wich player makes progress. The tactical possibilities are an extra interesting thing. Heat maps can tell the coaches a lot”.

3: More involvement of players

“The players get more involved in their own story. The ‘leader board’ is a good way to motivate players to push their boundaries. We want to make every player better. Even the best player can improve his skills. By setting out individual bench marks it is possible to give players own goals. For example you can tell a player he needs to get better in COD (change of direction) by video, or you can give him numbers to convince him. And when he’s making progress, you can show that the extra effort always has a positive outcome”.


Stijn Lintermans – Physical Coach KV Mechelen

4: Better group training demands

“Also in ‘return to play’ we can work more accurate and progressively towards group training demands. The group of players that don’t play can get a similar load as the team on an other moment”.

5: Prevention of injuries

“Our medical department is enthusiastic to monitor players and combine this data with our Wellbeing App, RPE to calculate the AC-ratio. This way we hope to prevent more injuries”.

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6: Transparency towards our stakeholders

“Our club is making big steps in every department. We are building a new stadium wing, investing more in youth development. We are transparent to the investors on what we do. The board helps us to do our job in the best possible way. This way we can evaluate all that we do”.

Why choose JOHAN to work with?

“For us the service is important. The feeling with the customer team was good from the beginning. We talked with a lot of companies and comparing price/quality Johan Sports was by far the best on the market. The technical aspect is user friendly. Also the software is clear. We have the feeling that Johan Sports is a growing story with people who are willing to work together with clubs to improve their product even more.”

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